Jim Cramer's 25 rules of Investing pdf

Jim Cramer a popular name on Wall Street and CNBC and a successful trader and investors with decades of trading experience has set out 25 rules that any investor / trader must follow in order to stay in the game and make money trading markets. He is the co-founder & Chairman of thestreet.com

Following is the list of rules which are self explanatory but for details on each rule you can use the link provided at the end to download the full pdf of "Jim Cramer's 25 rules of Investing"

1. Bulls Make Money, Bears Make Money, Pigs Get Slaughtered

2. It’s OK to Pay the Taxes

3. Don’t Buy All at Once

4. Buy Damaged Stocks, Not Damaged Companies

5. Diversify to Control Risk

6. Do Your Stock Homework

7. No One Made a Dime by Panicking

8. Buy Best-of-Breed Companies

9. Defend Some Stocks, Not All

10. Bad Buys Won’t Become Takeovers

11. Don’t Own Too Many Names

12. Cash Is for Winners

13. No Woulda, Shoulda, Couldas

14. Expect, Don’t Fear Corrections

15. Don’t Forget About Bonds

16. Never Subsidize Losers With Winners

17. Check Hope at the Door

18. Be Flexible

19. When the Chiefs Retreat, So Should You

20. Giving Up on Value Is a Sin

21. Be a TV Critic

22. Wait 30 Days After Warnings

23. Beware the Wall Street Hype 

24. Explain Your Picks

25. There’s Always a Bull Market

To download the PDF containing detailed explanation with examples on each rule use the follwoing link: Jim Crammer's 25 rules of Investing pdf

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