Global Stock Markets in September

Performance snapshot of major global stock markets in September. Can this rally continue specially in emerging markets?

Wall Street Billionaire Traders Lifestyle

Billionaire Trader
If you are an aspiring stock market investor or trader  and want's a peek into the fortune and lifestyle of some of most successful traders like Steven Cohen, Paul Tudor Jones, Louis Bacon etc on wall street then the following documentary is for you. 

As some one rightly said "desire is the first step of any achievement", this video is definitely going to stimulate your desire to be a billionaire. 

U.S long term Interest Rate Chart - 200 Years

U.S Interest Rate Historical Chart
200 Years of U.S interest rate history

Bonds stayed in bull market since past 30 years and seems to be bottoming out now which ideally should lead to higher yields and lower stocks going forward.

U.S GDP Historical Data & Quarterly Growth Rate

United States Quarterly GDP Chart
U.S GDP Growth Rate Chart since 2005

  • The U.S Economy contracted for four consecutive quarters post financial crisis in 2008.
  • The economy registered a growth rate of around 7% in the first quarter of year 2005, more than the GDP growth rate of many emerging economies today. Such high growth rate in U.S during 2005- 06 led to very high GDP growth rate of 8 to 10% in emerging Asian economies such as India, China and Brazil who benefited from increased exports. 
  • With moderated GDP growth rate in United States and Europe, Asian economies such as India and China has seen moderation in GDP growth rate post Lehman Crisis.

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